Thursday, 28 July 2016

Flow Logger South Africa

Flow loggers are an extremely essential requirement for acute measurements of flow and pressure. This is extremely beneficial for waste and water industry. It is supplied by H2onet, having an experience of about 30 years.

This product is highly suitable for application in a place like South Africa. PRIMEFLO-T, PRIMEPROBE3 and instrumentations and sensors are the loggers for measuring flow and pressure. 

PRIMEFLO-T uses advanced digital processing in order to meet the practical needs of the engineers. This is beneficial for the measurement of flow rates along with the total flow at varied points. PRIMEPROBE3 is powered with battery and is greatly useful for water network flow surveys. It is also helpful in checking in-situ meters.  

Flow logger South Africa is available online for you to avail at cost effective prices. Purchasing online makes you avail great discounts in addition to doorstep delivery. Make your choice online and avail a great buy.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Water Flow Meter South Africa

The Water Flow Meter is supplied by H2onet Company and we have been providing service for over 30 years to all across South Africa. From our company, you can get the best and correct products for the application. 

Water Flow Meter South Africa
We have PRIMEFLO-T that is made by using the latest and advanced technology to assist the water engineers for the measurement of the water flowing rate and total flow at several points on the water network. 

There is also sensors and instrumentation that uses ultrasonic and electromagnetic frequency for accurately measuring water flow that is necessary for irrigation purpose. We also have battery powered PRIMEPROBE3 that has magnetic water flow meter. 

This device is very useful for measuring water network and make the survey for water flow. It is necessary to make this survey to check the in-situ meters.

All our products are very effective to make efficient water management plans by making the accurate scientific calculation.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Best Leak Detection Equipment Suppliers in Town

Unfortunately, leaking in water systems can be inevitable. Over time, pipe joints rust and break down, even when top quality components are used and set up by professional water system technicians. Once an application is configured, there's not much as far as precautionary servicing that a home or entrepreneur can do to prevent a flow, at that time you need the help of Leak Detection Equipment.

Leak Detection Equipment Suppliers
The Leak detection equipment suppliers specialises can mean the primary distinction between a long lasting solution and a quick fix. Some companies simply look for where the H2O is coming through a roof or wall, but that doesn't mean that's where the flow is. Water could drop through a roof from where the actual flow happens.

There are a lot of factors why any H2O leak may occur. Whatever the factors are, the first thing you have to make sure is to identify the flow. Unless the flow is recognized perfectly, no further actions can be taken to fix up the leak.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Leak Detection Equipment

Leakage is a very common problem in every household and the most challenging thing about it is to detect the leakage. The Hykron from H2Onet has the solution just for that as it is very accurate in detecting the water leakage.  

Leak Detection Equipment
It is very sensitive as it has a high acoustic sensitivity and it’s very simple to detect leakage system. It is very suitable to detect direct leaking at water fittings, which can be used as a ground level microphone.

The main advantage is that it is very easy to operate and can be used by anyone in the house. Its construction is of rugged durable type. It also has an alkaline battery and can be powered with a simple on-site field replacement. And last but not the least the most important thing about this is that it is very cheap. Hence, you can afford it without paying a huge amount of money. 

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